This week’s Friday Four…

1. What I’m Listening To —

Tim Ferriss’s TAO OF SENECA: Letters from a Stoic Master. These is available as three free PDFs on Ferriss’s site, however, I’ve been listening to the audiobook version when I do my daily walks. Seneca was a philosopher from the Roman Empire; his “primary philosophy, Stoicism, was founded around 300 BC in Athens and can be thought of as an operating system for thriving in high-stress environments. At its core, it teaches you how to separate what you can control from what you cannot, and it trains you to focus exclusively on the former.” This is critical to what any high-achiever must do to succeed in the face of churn that he or she must face each and every day. Worth reading, over and over again.

2. What I’m Watching —

SECRET CITY on Netflix. Last March when I was last sick, I stumbled across this Australian political drama starring Anna Torv of Fringe and Mindhunters fame; she’s a compelling actress who tends to make interesting project choices. So I decided to watch the first episode as I was struggling through a fever. And the next thing I know, I’ve burned through all six episodes. In typical, non-US fashion, the series ended without setting up a second season. A couple of months ago, I noticed on IMDB that there was, in fact, a second season for Secret City, and I’ve been expecting Netflix to release it sooner or later. And they did this week, curiously, too very little fanfare. I guess with their algorithm, Netflix doesn’t need to advertise as broadly as other networks because you’ll get a notification (email or showing up as “trending” in your feed).

3. App I’m Enjoying —

The LUMU Light Meter for iOS. For anyone shooting digitally, DSLR or camera phone, you probably don’t need a stand-alone light meter. However, as someone who enjoys shooting film still and will vintage lenses that don’t have Through-The-Lens metering, this has been an interesting addition to the tool kit. Kodak recently introduced its fabled Ektachrome slide film and I’ve been shooting a couple of test rolls to get myself reacquainted with this film stock’s properties, and the two lenses I’m using right now are from the 70s so I need a separate light meter to set my exposures (plus I’m doing something different where I’m metering the shadows and using that to set my exposures). I don’t have the option incident bulb (I’ll get that shortly). But so far it’s been fun operating without the camera’s computer making choices.

4. Quotes That I’m Pondering —

Both by Graham Duncan; “I like taste over judgment because judgment implies there is one answer.” and “I like equating people to musical instruments and the range of notes they can play is dependent on the range of tensions that they’ve learned to hold.”

That’s it for this week, go out and see CAPTAIN MARVEL this weekend and smash the misogynistic trolls.