Here are this week’s Friday’s Four.

1, App I’m Enjoying —

I’m forever looking for a more effective and easy-to-use time management app; and while I’ve loved the Full Focus Planner and ToDoist and Best Self Planner, I might have found the best version of them with Amazing Marvin. It combines so many of the various methodologies, practices, and tools in one app. There’s so much flexibility

2, Long-form article I’m Fascinated With —

Lies. Deception. Intrigue. In the New Yorker there’s a wild story straight out of Patricia Highsmith’s The Talented Mr. Ripley yet set in the publishing world. It unflatteringly chronicles the antics of dubious former-publishing world underlying turned into a darling writer, Dan Malloy. His debut novel hit number one on the NYTimes best-sellers list, there was a major bidding war for the book (The Girl in the Window; Mallory used a pseudonym, too), and mega-advance, and Hollywood movie (already shot, by the way). The backstory of this “character” is something Highsmith probably would give her blessings to for having birthed such a real-life copycat.

3, Newsletter I’m Enjoying —

Dense Discovery. It was here that I first learned about Amazing Marvin and over the last six months, there have been at least a dozen intriguing, cool, exciting tips, hacks, apps, and articles. Well worth signing up for it. The funny thing is I don’t recall how I stumbled across this (it was going a previous name, too, which I don’t remember but whatever).

4, Quote I’m Pondering —

“There’s not a lot of confrontation in publishing [could be any entertainment]. It’s a business based on hope. You  never know what’s going to work” –