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Story Construction – Pixar’s 22 Writing Laws

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We’re not the first to post Pixar‘s 22 Writing Laws and we certainly won’t be the last, but bare in mind — it is always good to review story fundamentals to stay sharp.

Jazz giant John Coltrane would practice scales EVERY DAY for hours, why? To keep his craft at the utmost sharpness. In the film & TV game, the competition is entirely too fierce for one not to strive for the very best each and every time. And the Pixar Brain Trust has an unbelievably impressive track record of winners at the box office and at Oscar time. And each PIxar film’s success came down to an impressive, driving story.

As Bryan Tracy advises: find out what the best are doing and do what they do.

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Comic Book Pitching

One of our favorite comic book writers is Warren Ellis (Planetary, Trees, FreakAngels and Supreme: Blue Rose); not only is his work potent and inspiring and engaging and forward-thinking, it’s damn fun.

However, he also has a great capacity to engage with his audience, and specifically talk about the craft of comic book writing, and the business of comic book creating. Below is a reprint of an article he wrote on pitching comic books from his COME IN ALONE e-column from… from a long time ago.

Some people will tell you that you don’t have a chance without knowing an editor or some other bigwig at one of the companies, and introduction will do you wonders.

Others claim that a solid pitch will rise and get noticed, and if that’s the route you’re taking, here’s some advice from one of the masters…


All right. You’ve got your story. Now you want to try and sell it to someone.

You poor doomed bastard.

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