Color’s Power and Potential

What makes color have an impact in cinema?

How it’s used.

Why it’s used.

What subtextual value the filmmaker assigns to a given color.

What specific color palette is used.

Filmmaker’s Color Tools

In cinema, color comes in two forms – light and production design (which includes costumes, hair, make-up, props, and set design); top-of-their game filmmakers utilize both to fit the characters […]

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When you watch a film that you absolutely fall in love with five minutes in, and you know it’s going to change the way you appreciate “movies” from then on out, when you sense in your gut that “movies” will become “cinema”, and you are destined to become a “cinephile” and to sacrifice a typical […]

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Asimov on Creativity

Creativity… it’s the cornerstone success in any human society, especially one where technological development is critical, and designing the “new” is requisite for advancement in any field.

A couple weeks ago, MIT Technology Review published this lost article on creativity by the late, great Isaac Asimov.

The genesis of this outstanding article was the the Pentagon’s […]

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