PROJECT MILAN – Upcoming Film Project

The three of us have been working on a little project that has the scope of being much bigger than we’re currently doing. But that’s the beauty of certain projects, you just go out and do them, and then you continue to build and build… then release a section of it — all the while knowing that you have more to unveil.

“You don’t need permission to be a filmmaker”

We’ve been filming with the Panasonic VariCamLT, which is a remarkably dope camera. It has a dual native ISO; 800 and 5000… yeah, you read that right 5000 ISO! This is fantastic for decreasing your production footprint on a project that has absolutely zero budget. Sure, we used some lights filming this, but just one and a reflector (we set up a book light).

Filming narrative stories is part of what one does to

Behind the scenes filming of PROJECT MILAN
PROJECT MILAN – ShadowBoxer Cinema © 2017
BTS of Project Milan using the Varicam LT
PROJECT MILAN – ShadowBoxer Cinema © 2017
Varicam Viewfinder view for PROJECT MILAN
PROJECT MILAN – ShadowBoxer Cinema © 2017


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