What Inspires You – Part 6

One could say that Alfonso Cuarón has come a long way since GREAT EXPECTATIONS and  A LITTLE PRINCESS.

Yet, if you look at GREAT EXPECTATIONS you can see. We have to embrace the fact that it didn’t perform too well, otherwise he might not have done Y TU MAMA TAMBIÉN…

And while GRAVITY is easily his most celebrated work, CHILDREN OF MEN is my favorite. His work with Chivo on this work is simple, yet layered and masterful.

It’s a little beyond hilarious that Alfonso brought a bag with him to the Criterion closet.

I’d like to see him get a Marvel or DC movie, simply because he did my favorite entry in the Harry Potter series.


THE 4 COLOR PROCESS – Black Widow #1 & #2

Ever since I picked up Daredevil #201 at the Westside Market in Cleveland, The Black Widow has been my favorite female comic character, and she’s easily in my Top 5 of all comic characters. But it confounded me that she never had her own book; some of the miniseries that she’s starred in over the last decade have been enjoyable, but they never seemed like a reasonable take on the character (she was begging for a more serialized tale).

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