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14Apr, 16

MAD MAX FURY ROAD Audio Supercut

MAD MAX: FURY ROAD… the action film throwback that ratchets the genre forward. So much has been¬†said about the extensive use of center-framing and how that helped keep the action easily understood by the editor and the viewer, so this isn’t about that. It’s about the wonderous sound design of the film… the soundscape that keeps you enveloped in the fever dream George Miller created. Zackery Ramos-Taylor put together this awesome supercut of the MAD MAX: FURY sound effects. https://vimeo.com/161604233 […]

7Apr, 16

Star Wars: Rogue One Trailer

So LucasFilm drops this today! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wji-BZ0oCwg The official trailer for ROGUE ONE: A Star Wars Story. The pluses is that we're seeing the Star Wars universe with NO hint of the Skywalker Clan as main characters in the story... which after 7 films that story element has worn extremely thin (and we have two more films to go). The minuses... it's a story about the Death Star, which makes the fourth film to deal with a similar type of planetary menacing weapon. And since this is obviously about the mission that [...]

10Feb, 16

Controlling the Aspect Ratio

The bulk of this article comes from Benjamin B’s article in The ASC magazine, entitled THE ELASTIC FRAME, any remarks or additions have been marked in blue. In our current age of digital projection, the projection aspect ratio is subject to change at the will of the filmmaker, giving the filmmaker unprecedented control of how he or she wants to present their work on what canvas. The aspect ratio of a film the “canvas” in which we filmmakers compose our images. Let’s take a look at the options and their history. [...]

11Nov, 15

Alternate History on Amazon Prime

There are very few science fiction classics that broach a subject that could have seriously affected the real world like Philip K Dick’s MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE. Its premise – The Axis Powers won World War II and conquered the planet (we assume they have, since they occupied the US). Man in the High Castle […]

20Sep, 15

Behind the Scenes – Architects of Crime, Part 2

As we prepare our press kit for the Sundance Film Festival submission, we had a chance to review the behind the scenes stills (you forget these things in the midst of post). It's only in the behind the scenes photos do the technicians and crafts people get a chance to be "seen". Yet every filmmaker knows the Fitzcaraldo-esque journey that you embark on each time you walk on to the set is team effort. Lining up the shot for Ana to scale the side of a wall! Copyright © 2015, ShadowBoxer [...]


Guillermo del Toro’s THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE available on Blu-ray

Del Toro is an intriguing study of a director, and I’m more impressed by his work after listening to Robert Rodriguez interview him.

THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE is my second favorite movie of his. It’s worth seeing because it was his come back film after MIMIC nearly destroyed him and his Hollywood career.