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29Nov, 16

Jenkins Influenced by Wong Kar Wai

The Criterion Collection has a new feature called UNDER THE INFLUENCE… which, as you can imagine if it is from Criterion, is a smart and compelling discussion of what films have influenced en vogue or stalwart film auteurs. Barry Jenkins, director of the knockout MOONLIGHT, discusses his thoughts and feelings on the two WKW films Criterion has the license for – CHUNGKING EXPRESS (this is now out of print) and IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE. […]

29Nov, 16

When cinematographers strive for the “ugly”

On Roger Deakins’ Instagram, he recently posted a quote from the incomparable Conrad L. Hall: Connie used to say he wanted his films to look ugly, to capture something that we [cinematographers] shy away from [beautifully lit images] in making movies. Ugliness can have a certain beauty as well. There’s a strange dichotomy going on there.” What is Ugly Cinematography? What Hall was championing is eschewing the most flattering and revealing lighting set-ups; withholding visual information is just as important as withholding narrative information. And “ugly” cinematography by a Deakins or [...]

2Nov, 16


When you watch a film that you absolutely fall in love with five minutes in, and you know it’s going to change the way you appreciate “movies” from then on out, when you sense in your gut that “movies” will become “cinema”, and you are destined to become a “cinephile” and to sacrifice a typical existence for one that is constantly seeking the brass ring of cultural immortality through cinema… you probably, at some point, ask yourself — many times over and over — how did those guys create that piece [...]

13Oct, 16

The new ROGUE ONE trailer

So LucasFilm drops the newest trailer for ROGUE ONE: A Star Wars Story https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sC9abcLLQpI ROGUE ONE, the first off-shoot movie in the Star Wars cinematic tapestry; by off-shoot I mean a non-Skywalker clan story. It still bothers me that nine films will be made chronicling two generations of the Skywalkers... has any fictional family received as much screen time?    

8Oct, 16

Large-Format Cameras and Lenses

The other day my brother Alex and I were talking about large-format cinema cameras and what makes that acquisition format special, considering that the Oscar-winning film THE REVENANT used the Alexa 65, and just prior to that DP Robert Elswitt, ASC photographed the underwater vault sequence in MISSON: IMPOSSIBLE – ROGUE NATION with the same camera. He needed the highest resolution and frame size for the extensive CG work required to pull off that amazing, high-tension moment. Large-format cinema, primarily 70mm films from the late 50s through late 60s have always [...]

6Sep, 16

Premiere of ARCHITECTS OF CRIME at LA Shorts Film Fest 2016

On Saturday, September 3, 2016, our film ARCHITECTS OF CRIME premiered at the LA Shorts Fest… one of the Academy Award-qualifying film festivals. We had a blast unveiling our film for the audience at LA Shorts Film Fest, and to our fabulous cast and crew who were in attendance. Daniel L. Abrams, Hilliard Guess, Indra Bartona, William Derrick, Ko Massiah, Christopher Derrick, Peter Lucas…. filmmakers, producers, cast of ARCHITECTS OF CRIME, LA Shorts Fest – LA Live, Regal Cinemas   Hillard Guess, William Derrick, Luther Mace, [...]


SPIELBERG, the HBO documentary.