Here are the four things that kept me honed in this week.

1 – What I’m watching —
The Criterion Channel’s advance preview of Wednesday Movies has yet to disappoint; this week’s film is SATURDAY NIGHT, SUNDAY MORNING the British kitchen sink drama that catapulted the late, great Albert Finney into stardom. It’s interesting watching these type of micro-budget dramas that are so uniquely British working class (and could be continued with the African and South Asian immigrants who know populate that part of society).

2 – Work routing I’m Fascinated With
Author Nicola Barker has a very intriguing work routine for each new book project she tackles. I try out a few new processes for each script in order to stay fresh and engaged.

3 – What I’m listening to —
Kacey Musgraves: Golden Hour. I usually don’t listen to music with lyrics while working; the words interfere with my thinking and typing. But I have to make an exemption with Musgraves Grammy-award winning album. I’ve been looking for this kind of soft, melodic music to help me brainstorm on a feature project I’m working and this has done the trick. Its soothing tracks allow my body to relax and my mind to wander into spaces and places I haven’t ventured into in a while. Your mileage will certainly vary, but it’s been a wonderful new audio sanctuary for calming down and writing.

4 – Quote I’m pondering —
“Gratitude is the wine of the soul. Go on. Get drunk!”
— Rumi

Okay that’s it for this week!