I know I flaked out last week; times are hectic and stressful with the contentious battle between the WGA and the supreme adversary, the ATA. Unchartered horizons are in store for the Hollywood creative landscape

1 — Purchase I’m Enjoying

On the Tim Ferriss podcast last week, he finally bagged the decade in the making interview with author/storyteller extraordinaire Neil Gaiman. Ferriss endlessly asks people about the process, and Neil talked about how he writes long-hand, initially, before going to the computer. While Neil used to write in Moleskin notebooks, he pointed out their paper quality has dipped and that presented him with a problem because he writes with a fountain pen. He now writes in Leuchtturm1917 notebooks, and as a notebook fiend, I bought one this week. It’s VERY cool. You can immediately tell the difference in the paper quality in how ink take to the paper. There are some other nifty features that I’ve wanted to see in Moleskins (numbered pages and fillable table of contents, two page marker ribbons).

2 — Speech I’m Enjoying

Steve Jobs gave an inspiring commencement speech at Stanford back in 2005. There are really only a score of people in the last 50 years who have demonstratively changed the world; Jobs was one of them, and his philosophy and desire for endless curiosity in what pushed him to stratospheric heights. Back in 2005, the iPod was new – but changing the way we enjoyed music (and, tragically ushered in the gagdet-induced isolation culture that we live in currently), the iPhone was still two years away.

3 — Podcast I’m Enjoying

The Elizabeth Holmes/Theranos story gets an interesting treatment in the ABC News podcast THE DROPOUT, primarily because of the excerpts from the depositions that you hear scattered throughout the episodes. Also how former Secretary of State George Schulz, former Theranos board member, and Tyler Schulz, his grandson and former Theranos employee were sucked into the scandal. Tyler’s first-hand accounts are worth their weight in gold, and listening to how his grandpops was suckered by a pretty and persuasive blonde. And Holmes’s whole vocal con game is tripped out to hear her going out bad during sworn testimony.

4 — Quote I’m Pondering

If you look at any society, large cadres of unattached young me without much to do is extraordinarily socially destructiveMichelle Goldberg, NYTimes podcast – The Argument