Friday’s Four – September 28

//Friday’s Four – September 28

Friday’s Four – September 28

Hi All!

Here is your weekly dose of “Friday’s Four,” a list of what I’m enjoying or pondering.

Album I listen to as medicine —

Dizzy Gillespie – The Verve & Philips Small Group Session. When I review material that I’ve written and need a critical eye, I usually throw on some upbeat bebop because it’s so infectious and brings a smile to face all the time. Dizzy is one the innovators who created bebop jazz, and it’s nearly impossible to find a definitive collection of tracks – compiled by a record label – this is a great sampling. I discovered it on Spotify (so I desperately miss the liner notes that would have accompanied a multiCD release) and it should elevate your mood too. Why do I need my mood elevated? Well… that inner voice, the dreaded inner critic, that haunts you when you’re in the middle of various drafts needs to be put at bay, and this music does the trick every time.

Article I’m reading —

Is Empathy the 20th Century’s Most Powerful Invention? Zocalo Public Square put this is out a couple months back. I’m actually re-reading it, as I go through a terrible time in my personal and professional life. It’s interesting when there’s something you consider a “given”, yet hasn’t been part of humanity. Unlike the concept of “the Middle Class” — which is an anomaly of the late 20th century — a seemingly basic human trait.

Food I’m eating —

One of the more delightful things about Los Angeles is the variety of restaurants that are available — old stalwarts to new places with new cuisine. One of my favorite places in DTLA is Perch, the terraced restaurant 16 floors up, and interestingly enough a sushi spot opened up down on the ground floor called Mrs. Fish, the space is an art gallery as well as a restaurant and shines a spotlight to some wonderful Japanese artists. The food is certainly amazing, too. I sampled the Wagyu Tataki, the Red Miso soup, and the tastebud seducer — the Uni Pasta.

Quote I’m enjoying —

All novels are about certain minorities: the individual is a minority. The universal in the novel—and isn’t that what we’re all clamoring for these days?—is reached only through the depiction of the specific man in a specific circumstance. – Ralph Ellison

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Have a great weekend!