Friday’s Four – November 2 2018

//Friday’s Four – November 2 2018

Friday’s Four – November 2 2018

Creative Comeback I’m Jazzed About:

Screen & TV writer Malcolm Spellman was just given the reins for a new premium Marvel TV Series starring The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. In case you forgot, Spellman and his wife were named as the co-creators of the much-maligned HBO announced show, CONFEDERATE. The outrage media storm that rained down upon Spellman, his wife, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss was unprecedented. And here is about a year later — back — with an incredible creative opportunity.

Creative advice I’ve heard:

I saw this on Nathalie Sejean’s Mentorless Newsletter  “The most important thing in writing is to finish. A finished thing can be fixed. A finished thing can be published. A finished thing can be made into a movie. An unfinished thing is just a dream. And dreams fade if you don’t hold on tight enough. So finish the thing.” C. Robert Cargill

Best New Product Announcement:

Apple’s new iPad Pro. I’ve been fiending to get an iPad since they came out but hesitated… and then over the last couple of years, I’ve been this-close-to-purchasing one. Alas, I kept putting it off. After the new models that Apple unveiled this week the 11-inch is my next purchase, hands down.

Podcast I’m listening to:

Sara Koenig’s SERIAL is back, and she’s again looking at the justice system, but not a single case, rather the whole screwed up monolith that is the Cuyahoga Criminal Courts complex in downtown Cleveland. As someone who was born and raised in Cleveland, and loathed it quite specifically, I’m inextricably drawn to the magnifying glass that Koenig and her team puts that atrocious city block under.

Okay, that’s it for this weekend. Hit me up on Twitter @unauthorizedCBD to chop it up about aforementioned bullets.