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How Trashing Others Holds You Back

critic_big-425x319This article was written by Lauren Bacon for and originally appeared there… we thought it would be of interest.

It’s rare that I’d say any of these things aloud—well, okay, maybe to a friend, but never to the creator themselves. So what’s a little private trash talk? Pretty harmless, right?

Wrong. When other people don’t meet my most critical standards—when something about their personality or their work triggers my negative judgment—it sets off a chain effect that goes something like this:

“That person is sooooo unoriginal. Why do they even bother putting stuff out if it’s just going to look like everything else out there? And why does anyone like their stuff, anyway?”

(Cut to a few hours later, as I’m trying to write a blog post…)

Ugh, this is sooooo unoriginal. I should just scrap the whole thing and come back when I have something interesting to say. No one’s going to find this useful.”

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