ARCHITECTS OF CRIME – Behind the Scenes

//ARCHITECTS OF CRIME – Behind the Scenes

ARCHITECTS OF CRIME – Behind the Scenes

These are a few more of the behind the scene photos for ARCHITECTS OF CRIME. MovieMaker magazine was gracious enough to hi-lite our work on its Instagram feed.

Looking at these now, several months later, the project looks ambitious, but every film project one directs can be considered ambitious because of the number of people you have to persuade to be on your same page. This means no one is above the film; that’s why egos must, under no uncertain terms, be checked at the door. The greater (or shall I more fragile) the ego at the department head level or above, the more trying directing a film can be.

Everyone’s name goes on the film, and why does that not satisfy one’s ego? Why does that fail to give one satisfaction? If it did then the yelling, screaming, and sabotaging wouldn’t happen.

We are forever thankful and grateful to our collective team who helped make this happen.


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