5-Bullet Friday – September 14, 2018

//5-Bullet Friday – September 14, 2018

5-Bullet Friday – September 14, 2018

Hi All!

Here is your weekly dose of “5-Bullet Friday,” a list of what I’m enjoying or pondering.

Purchase that has proven extremely effective —

Mueller Austria V-Pro Multi Blade Adjustable Mandoline, as I’m transitioning to a more vegetable-heavy diet, I recalled this device and how the contestants on Iron Chef America used a mandoline to produce inventive ways of food prep. I picked up this one by Mueller Austria on Amazon, and it’s quite fascinating. I’m constantly thinking of new ways to use it and what meals can be enlivened. Some people might not like to put so much effort into cooking but meals are extraordinarily parts of our lives that bring joy, bring us together, and keep us from going hungry!

Online Course I’m Starting —

Algorithmic Trading Bootcamp, a means to learn how this stock/equities trading strategy works, and how to program one’s own robo-trader. It’s almost foolish to be an investor without some knowledge of algorithmic trading, and since AI is steadily on its way to destroy a variety of white collar jobs (stockbroker is in the crosshairs), this seemed like a good use of my free time.

Video Streaming Site I’m Exploring —

Enfant terrible filmmaker Nicholas Wendig Refn has launched a cult classics streaming site, appropriately called ByNWR. What’s lamentable about consumers rejecting physical media for movies and music is that obscure gems disappear because the big companies don’t see the profit in licensing 100,000s of movies that might get a dozen plays in a year. But Refn wants us to remember our atypical cinematic legacy.

Podcast I’m Listening To —

The Mischeaux Mission. Len Webb and Vincent Williams have a mission to watch and review every Black feature film ever released. The podcast is named after pioneering African-American filmmaker Oscar Mischeaux, who was the most successful black filmmaker in the first half of the 20th century. It’s an engaging and funny podcast that covers gems, crowd-pleasers, and oft-forgotten curios. Everything you want in a topic-specific film-centric podcast.

Quote I’m pondering —

“Geography is fate”Ralph Ellison

Please give me your feedback on Twitter. Which bullet above is your favorite? What do you want more or less of? Just send a tweet to @unauthorizedcbd and put #5BulletFriday at the end so I can engage with you.

Have a great weekend!



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