WHAT INSPIRES YOU – Part 11 featuring Nicolas Winding Refn

So l’enfant terrible Nicolas Winding Refn gets invited to the Criterion Collection.

I find Refn’s work hit-or-miss, but if it’s one thing it is consistently intriguing… DRIVE sort of elevated his stature in Hollywood, and unfortunately ONLY GOD FORGIVES dinged him. However, a film like BRONSON is where he gets to shine and dazzle.

His selections in the Criterion Collection closet are curious… it seems that most modern day auteurs bow down to Tarkovsky, and a lot of people yearn to see more Alex Cox (REPO MAN is delish).

I was a little surprised that he selected THINGS TO COME; but it’s a gem of a classic film that was so ahead of its time, and is one of the few films that can’t be duplicated because the world has moved to such a place that it is bizarre to conceive of something in the aftermath of a global-scale conflict that isn’t dystopian in the vein of the YA novels/movies that have dominated the Hollywood landscape for the last half decade.

Kazan’s advice… “Do it your way” is precisely the kind of thing Kazan would say, and it’s what filmmakers must do. Lest their work become forgettable. And that’s one thing we can say about Refn, his work is not forgettable.