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3Dec, 17

The Magic Lantern – Federico Fellini, Part I of a series

This is the first in a series discussing some of cinema most potent single images. It’s sort of an anathema to boil a film down to a single image, nonetheless the power of one frame as it sears our minds and lingers in our conscious and subconscious thoughts when we recall the experience of seeing a particular movie is part of what makes movies so compelling and riveting. First up is an image from Federico Fellini’s 8 1/2. Fellini and his flights of fancy dove deep into humanity’s soul with a [...]

29Nov, 17

Deconstructing Story – Need I Remind You… Everything’s a Remix

Over on io9 this week, Charlie Jane Anders ranted about how audiences doth protest too much when original films “crib” story tropes from previous works. And they then go out of their way to point out plot points that they’ve seen before (which is an inherent guaranteed possibility in genre fiction, and that’s pretty much all we get fed these days in the multiplexes, on our HD screens and our stream platform of choice). Kirby Ferguson dropped a much-loved 4-part video series, Everything is a Remix, that smashes the concept of [...]

26Nov, 17

Favorite Comic Book Covers

In the wake of the most recent San Diego ComicCon (which I, sadly, didn’t go to), I’ve been reassessing my 35-year passion for comic books. As a collector, comic covers had a certain disproportionately high significance for me; cover don’t just hint at what’s inside, they can signify milestones. For a long time I knew EVERY comic book cover in my massive and ever-growing collection (I probably could get 90% right on a quiz to this day on books published before 2000). […]

19Nov, 17

What Inspires You, Part 13 – Barry Jenkins

Oscar-winning filmmaker Barry Jenkins gets to pillage the Criterion Collection's closet. Jenkins certainly is an intriguing filmmaker... his work is heavily influenced by non-American film artists (as well as Americans)... and that gives his work a certain type of visual, emotional, and cinematic grammaric edge that his African-American contemporaries. He strives for a style of cinema that reaches into the thoughts of the characters, their unspoken inner life more than trying to dazzle us with spoken language (the Tarantino and Sorkin camp). Foreign film is my palette cleanser, to be [...]

15Jul, 17

PROJECT MILAN – Upcoming Film Project

The three of us have been working on a little project that has the scope of being much bigger than we’re currently doing. But that’s the beauty of certain projects, you just go out and do them, and then you continue to build and build… then release a section of it — all the while knowing that you have more to unveil. “You don’t need permission to be a filmmaker” […]

14Jul, 17


At the DGA screening of Edgar Wright’s BABY DRIVER, Christopher Nolan (of BATMAN and INCEPTION fame) handled the exceptionally smart Q&A with the near-manic Wright. Nolan’s questions discussed the project’s genesis (some 20 years in the making) and the complex pre-production process, which was told with a certain amount of joie de vivre! Wright, as you’d expect, is a solid raconteur. Writer/director Edgar Wright   BABY DRIVER is a… charismatic… film; to categorize¬†it, I’d say it’s an action musical (a musical thriller is a moniker I’ve seen, too). Wright [...]


SPIELBERG, the HBO documentary.